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Marketing materials

Reminder: Update your credit union’s marketing materials with the newly branded TruStage assets.

Consumer Insurance resources


2022 What Matters Now™ research report

A multicultural and multigenerational lens on data, insights, and action steps for helping your members achieve financial well-being.

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An effective marketing program delivers the right information, at the right time, and in the way your members want to communicate with you. TruStage™ makes it easy, providing an array of member-centric marketing materials focused on serving members the right way — with proven results for your credit union.

Rely on the Consumer Insurance Media Center for exceptional pre-complied marketing tools

For your protection we strongly encourage you to only use the complied, ready-to-use marketing materials found on the Consumer Insurance Media Center. Our huge selection of marketing materials has been tested extensively and is compliance-approved for use only at locations and for members with addresses in the United States.

TruStage Program marketing materials

Marketing materials by product

Items on this page are secured to current TruStage providers. To learn more about making TruStage products available to your members, please call us at 800.356.2644 or complete this form.

Current providers can click Edit services and roles to request access to the TruStage Resource Center and the TruStage Media Center. Your request will be forwarded to your credit union security administrator for review and approval.

*When using complied assets, please be sure the image files use the original link provided to you, so they are automatically updated as needed. If you are constrained by system limitations to copy the images before posting, you are required to manually update your assets as they are re-complied. Please check back regularly for updated e-mail copy and web ad images.