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TruStage™ Payment Guard Insurance

Payment Guard is a first-of-its-kind insurance solution built for digital lenders, designed to help attract more borrowers and help protect against unexpected covered losses that could lead to borrower defaults. Interested in learning more?
Two men shaking hands with a woman standing next to them talking about TruStage Payment Guard Insurance
TruStage Payment Guard Insurance covers new, eligible loans against covered losses.

Designed to help you

Attract more borrowers.

Differentiate yourself in a crowded market, helping borrowers with peace of mind that their loan payments may be covered in case of unexpected covered job loss or disability.


Strengthen your loan portfolio.

Help protect your portfolio from borrowers' unexpected covered job loss or disability.


Designed to reduce time spent on collections.

Help save your staff valuable time by giving your borrowers additional financial protection for covered losses.


Frictionless activation.

No friction added to your existing loan flow. Minimal tech lift needed to go live.

Benefits for borrowers

With Payment Guard, your borrowers can rest easy knowing they have an extra layer of protection for their loan payment in the case of a covered disability or involuntary job loss.

  • Monthly payments may be covered, up to the coverage maximums, when borrowers have a loss due to a covered involuntary job loss or disability.
  • Coverage is provided at no additional cost to borrowers or impact to their loan terms.
  • An approved claim may help prevent a borrower’s payment from going past due, protecting the borrower’s credit score from delinquencies.
Your borrowers can rest easy knowing they have an extra layer of protection with TruStage Payment Guard Insurance.

How it works

With Payment Guard, new eligible loans are protected against covered losses due to unexpected job loss or disability. Programs are customizable to your budget and supported by TruStage’s digital claims experience team.

Want to learn more?

Embedded insurance has emerged as a game-changer for payment protection offering benefits to both lenders and borrowers.

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Manage your existing coverage

Payment Guard business partners can view claims status or file a claim on behalf of your customers.

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Consumers with loans protected by Payment Guard can view claims status or file a claim via our claims system.

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