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Boost loan profitability with embedded payment insurance

Explore how innovative digital lending insurance solutions are reshaping the lending landscape, driven by key economic trends and consumer behaviors.

"This report will quantify the benefit lenders — predominantly online lenders — and borrowers can reap from embedding loan insurance in their loan products, thus designing a better loan."
— Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors

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Designing a better lending product

Traditional loan underwriting can’t foresee life’s unexpected events, such as job loss or disability, leaving both borrowers and lenders vulnerable.

Our report reveals how embedding payment insurance directly into loan products can help reduce delinquency and default losses. Discover actionable insights on enhancing borrower security, improving portfolio performance and differentiating your lending offerings in a competitive market. Download the report and start revolutionizing your lending approach today.

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Key report findings¹

Many lenders can achieve a 20% reduction in charge-off costs with embedded loan payment insurance.

A growth-focused lender originating at least 10,000 loans a month with an average monthly payment of $500, and a standard default rate of 1.65%, can save $42 in charge-off costs for every $1 in insurance premiums.

Embedded loan payment insurance can be a cost-effective way to attract more borrowers.

In addition to attracting new customers, embedding loan payment insurance may help you reduce abandonment rates, decrease acquisition costs and retain customers.

TruStage™ Payment Guard Insurance helped one lender avoid an estimated $316,000 in charge-offs.

The interest retained on those loans that would have otherwise been charged off was nearly $300,000. The total financial benefit to the lender was more than $615,000.