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Comprehensive protection

Credit Insurance

Unexpected life events happen. TruStage™ can help. Credit Insurance helps protect your members during their difficult life events and helps mitigate your credit union or financial institution’s loan portfolio risk. Want to learn more?

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Member support, loan protection

Preparing for the future

By offering Credit Insurance, your credit union or financial institution can provide personalized coverage to help your members prepare for the unexpected.

Key benefits:

  • Easy online process to submit claims.
  • Personalized protection to help fit your member’s needs.
  • Access to product education, member marketing materials and experienced guidance.

Additional resources

  • Get support from our Lending Resource Center (exclusively available to lending customers) for product knowledge, training and marketing materials.
  • Utilize our Lender Development Program to help build leadership skills and grow your lending business.
  • Consider utilizing our ULEND Academy® training to learn how to shift from a transactional approach to a consultative approach.
  • Check out the extensive product offerings in our comprehensive lending suite.