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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Protection that starts where a condo association policy ends

Condo association policies give you only so much coverage. You could be left unprotected from the costs of a burglary or personal liability. Find the extended protection you need to help keep you, your family, and your belongings safe through TruStage.
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TruStage Condominium Insurance Programs

Benefits of TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program

TruStage works with Liberty Mutual to cover condominium owners against accidents, thefts, and other damaging events. We help you ensure your condo policy fits your needs and budget.
Personalized TruStage Condominium Insurance Policy
High-quality coverage and service

Condo Insurance tailored to you

Condo association policies offer only basic protection. You may have to pay hotel bills if a fire or flood forces you from your home. And an association policy might not protect against liabilities. If a guest sues following a slip and fall in your home, the legal costs may fall to you.

TruStage condo insurance offers you some protection against these costs. You can also rest easy knowing 24/7 claims service will always be there to help.

Reduce your condo insurance costs

Bundle your policies or save in other ways

Credit union members often have access to discounts, and condo insurance may be no different. Talk to one of our agents today to discover ways you could save, like through a bundled policy with auto insurance.
Save on Condominium Insurance Rates