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TruStage™ values

What matters to us

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Our values

It is important that our values reflect who we are, what we do and how we uniquely serve our customers, consumers, employees and the community.


Do the right thing

We strive to lead with integrity, focus on the interests of our people, communities and customers to deliver on the promises we make.


Make a difference

We strive to make a difference every day and empower each other to achieve great things together — creating a positive impact on society. 


Look for a better way

We lean forward, challenge the status quo and embrace risk to anticipate and better meet the needs of everyone who counts on us. 


Be inclusive

We believe greatness can come from anywhere and anyone — so we embrace the diversity of people and ideas and listen openly.

Code of Conduct

In a highly regulated industry such as ours, we’re tasked with being responsible stewards of the money our customers entrust to us. We must be intentional about earning that trust every day.

That starts by embracing our corporate values, which you’ll see reflected throughout our Code of Conduct.

View our Code of Conduct

Land acknowledgement statement

We recognize the sacred land upon which we stand today. These are the ancestral lands of Hoocąkra, known as the Ho-Chunk (English translation: people of the big voice). We acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation, the eleven other federally recognized tribes of Wisconsin and all indigenous tribes. We recognize that indigenous peoples were forcibly removed from these lands for decades before the year 1832, which marked the beginning of the official removal policy of the U.S. government. Originally called TeeJop (day JOPE, English translation: four lakes), the area is now called Madison. We recognize the original inhabitants and their culture, their sacred effigy mounds, the stewardship of this land for over 12,000 years, and the descendants that continue to call this place their home. In offering this land acknowledgment, we are making a commitment to strengthen our partnerships with Indigenous communities throughout the country and more specifically with the Ho-Chunk Nation.

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Values in Practice

Our Values in Practice (ViP) program recognizes employees who lean into our corporate values and exemplify exceptional performance throughout the year. Employees are nominated by their peers, and winners are selected by a committee of diverse employees.

Among hundreds of nominations this year, these individuals stood out for the difference they’re making — earning them a ViP award.

Golden Compass Award

Embodies the value: Do the right thing

Ryne Eberle

Ryan Eberle

In a fast-paced, high stakes environment, many want to just hit the easy button. But Ryne doesn’t cut corners. He fearlessly tackles unfamiliar territory — asking hard questions and conducting difficult conversations. His persistent critical thinking and calm leadership led his team’s success.

Meg Brennan

Meg Brennan

Hitting the “easy button” is one way to get things done. But, if Meg is on the job, the work is going to get done with care, intention and a can-do attitude. She’s an approachable leader who is greatly respected for her empathic and personalized approach.

Change Agent Award

Embodies the value: Make a difference
Erin Broderick

Erin Broderick

Gathering facts, laying out options for our customers and persisting through difficult situation is second nature to Erin. She’s a powerhouse when it comes to litigation, negotiation and fair resolution. Her creative thinking and ability to nurture relationships really make all the difference.

Derick Kluge

Derick Kluge

When you’re working through a change, you want someone like Derick on your team. He makes navigating complex work look effortless by bringing stakeholders together to shape what’s next. And, he exemplifies what can be done when you really care about doing the right thing.

Innovator Award

Embodies the value: Look for a better way
Dave Steege

Dave Steege

Being willing to take chances — to push yourself and others to try new things — is one thing that makes Dave special. He examines risks, is inclusive and respectful of peoples’ feedback, and adapts to get to the right solution. He celebrates successes and learnings, and he helps others learn and grow.

Gil Burns

Gil Burns

Always prepared for a challenge, Gil thrives on finding ways to solve challenging puzzles. He continually pushes beyond norms and paves a path for others to follow. If you’re ever wondering where he is, know he’s somewhere looking for ways to modernize our business and enhance our customers’ experiences.

DEI Champion Award

Embodies the value: Be inclusive
Shraddha Tilloo

Shraddha Tilloo

One unique way to bring awareness to a topic important to you is through art you share with your workplace and community. Shraddha’s vibrant work showcases her passion and deep respect for uniqueness. And she recently contributed the proceeds of her pieces to support organizations important to our PRISM (LBGTQ+) engagement resource group.

Maria Curlott

Maria Curlott

Empathy and respect for others goes a long way in a world with so many opinions. If you need an advocate in your corner, Maria will be there. She values what makes each of us unique. And, she creates a welcoming, safe work environment for everyone around her.

Unsung Hero Award

Embodies all values
John Henderson

John Henderson

Never satisfied with the status quo. When he spots a mess, he doesn’t leave it for someone else to clean up. He takes initiative and finds better way. But he doesn’t stop there. His innate curiosity, drive and compassion leads in measurable results at TruStage.

Brittany Moore

Brittany Moore

Everyone has that person — someone they know they can rely on as their “go to” when others are at a loss. For many, their Unsung Hero is Brittany. She’s a leader who keeps her team focused, energized and happy. And, she’s a colleague who makes things easy and builds relationships with everyone she meets.

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