Annuities: a guaranteed paycheck for life.*

Retirement income guaranteed to last as long as you need it.


Income for life. A fixed monthly paycheck. A lot less guesswork.

If you’re about to retire, or you’re already there. TruStage Lifetime Income Plan* (single premium immediate annuity) helps protect against the risk of outliving your savings.

Cash refund option. If you die before receiving monthly paychecks equal to your annuity purchase price, your beneficiaries receive the difference.

TruStage Lifetime Income Plan
Sample Annual Payout Rates for a $50,000 Plan

Women Age Men
5.47% 60 5.64%
5.93% 65 6.12%
6.53% 70 6.73%
7.28% 75 7.48%
8.21% 80 8.34%
Rates effective 02/01/2016. The payout rate is the percentage of your purchase payment paid out each year and includes both interest and return of principal. It is not an interest rate. Amounts shown are before any applicable federal and state taxes.

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About Lifetime Income

When you think about retirement, one fundamental question quickly arises:

Will my savings last long enough? Depending on many different factors, the answer is complicated—calculations are based on best guesses, and even the most prudent planning comes with no guarantees.

The TruStage Lifetime Income Plan, a single premium immediate annuity, provides a definite answer. It helps protect against the risk of outliving your savings and provides monthly income for the rest of your life. The payments are fixed and guaranteed. And it even provides a cash refund so you don't receive less than you paid in.

The TruStage Lifetime Income Plan turns a portion of your retirement savings into retirement income—for as long as you live. The rate and the monthly payment are fixed, so market fluctuations will not change your payout.

What Is TruStage?

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What is the TruStage Lifetime Income Plan and how does it work?

The TruStage Lifetime Income Plan is an immediate annuity. By paying a lump sum now, you can guarantee a steady stream of income for the rest of your life. The lump sum payment can come from a variety of sources, including a savings account, certificate of deposit, IRA, 401(k) plan or mutual fund account.

Are there any age or health restrictions?

You must be a credit union member between ages 21 and 90. There are no health restrictions. No medical exams are required.

How much money should I use to purchase this plan?

You can purchase the TruStage Lifetime Income Plan with $10,000 or more. It's recommended, however, that you use no more than half of your retirement assets (not including your home) for an annuity. This helps ensure you have savings available for emergencies or other expenditures.

In addition to the monthly payment I receive, can I withdraw additional money?

No. You should be aware that the money used to purchase your annuity is permanently locked into your contract and can only be returned to you in the form of monthly payments. You will, however, have 30 days to review your contract and show it to any advisors you may have. If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, you can receive a full refund.

What happens if I die prematurely?

The TruStage Lifetime Income Plan has guarantees to protect your purchase payment. Let's say you purchase the plan with $50,000 and you pass away after receiving only $13,000 in total monthly income payments. Your beneficiaries would then receive $37,000—the difference between what you paid in and what you collected.

Will my monthly payment ever change?

No. Your income is guaranteed to remain the same, every month, for as long as you live. It is not affected by market fluctuations or any other factors. This is income you can count on, no matter what.

Who is guaranteeing my lifetime income?

Your income is guaranteed by CMFG Life, a company with over 80 years of experience providing financial products to credit union members. Your credit union trusts CMFG Life to provide you with valuable coverage and help give you peace of mind.

CMFG Life is rated A (Excellent), the third-highest rating out of 16, by A.M. Best as of February 2012.