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Rely on our system provider resources for 24/7 access to the information and tools you need to serve the credit union marketplace more effectively and efficiently. Whether you need industry updates, technical resources or best practices tips, you can rely on our knowledge bank for the help you need.
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Batch file transfers | Lending and payment calculations | TruStage compliance documents | Real-time connectivity | Risk management

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Batch file transfers

Credit unions send batch files to TruStage for a variety of transactions.

TruStage data files

Credit unions participating in the TruStage program provide membership files to TruStage on a regular basis. Depending on the credit union's level of participation, these files may be uploaded as frequently as monthly, or as infrequently as annually.

Collateral Protection data files

TruStage provides Collateral Protection Insurance for both vehicles and real estate. Credit unions upload files to TruStage on a biweekly basis for their secured loans.

LDP tracking data files

Credit unions report monthly loan staff Payment Protection enrollment results for tracking.

Questions on batch file transfers?

Reach out to our team if you have questions on batch file transfers.

Data management team — data file extracts (batch)

Collateral Protection data files

Lending and payment calculations

TruStage's Payment Protection Solutions include debt protection, credit life and credit disability insurance. Two different calculations related to payment protection take place in credit union systems:

  • At time of loan origination — payments, interest and other charges are calculated and forecasted for borrowers.
  • Monthly — insurance premiums are calculated and posted to the borrower's loan balance.

To enable your systems to provide accurate and compliant calculations, we offer the programming specifications and software (or Calculation Engine) you will need to be successful.

  • RateEdit Utility
    For editing the "DPKey" and "PlanDesc" or removing plans no longer needed (e.g. plans on phase out). Click on icon to download tool and instructions.

Questions on lending and payment calculations?
Contact DP Solutions

TruStage compliance documents

Many credit unions use TruStage Compliance Solutions lending and deposit documents. For the electronic lending and deposit documents, we provide our documents to technology providers in pdf format. A data dictionary is provided to help you program compliance documents to work on your system.

Documents are specific and licensed to individual credit unions. Prior to getting any credit union's documents, your system will need to be approved by one of our technical support specialists. Contact us to begin the process.

Find out more about TruStage Compliance Solutions documents, compliance and regulation updates here.

Questions on TruStage Compliance Solutions documents?
Contact Julie Roper, 608.665.3459.

Real-time connectivity

TruStage provides a variety of online real-time connections to various credit union loan origination systems.

Loan Application
Credit unions use Loan Application as their online and mobile member loan application. Loan Application delivers the application data directly to the credit union's loan origination system.
Questions on Loan Application? Contact Lucas Carney, 608.665.7293.

Protection Advisor Expert
To help credit unions streamline the process of quoting premiums and issuing certificates for GAP and Mechanical Repair Coverage, TruStage provides credit unions with Protection Advisor. This point-of-sale tool presents packages and quotes and issues member agreements. Connectivity between the loan origination system and Protection Advisor eliminates re-keying data, which increases loan officer efficiency and improves the member experience.
Questions on Protection Advisor Expert? Contact Lucas Carney, 608.665.7293.

Risk management

TruStage works with technology providers to help credit unions manage their risks, including exposures related to ACH, wire, loans, paper checks, home banking and plastic card fraud. Transaction activity continues to change in today’s landscape. It’s critical to continue collaboration to assure regulatory compliance and implement technology solutions to help credit unions manage their risks.
To assist in managing the payment, deposit and card risk exposure, please contact us for more information.

Fraud prevention, risk management