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E-Exchange newsletter

We publish this quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on compliance changes that may affect your programming or lending systems. It also includes information on future Calc Engine releases. Reviewing this newsletter will help you continue to provide reliable service to your credit union customers. Watch for your quarterly e-mail announcing that a new edition of E-Exchange has been published on our website. Be sure to refer your colleagues to articles that may be of interest to them.

Current issue — Spring 2023

CUNA Mutual Group brand transition survey

If you haven’t taken our brand transition survey yet, there is still time! We created a survey to identify areas within your company that use the name or logo of CUNA Mutual Group, or variations of. Our team will be reaching out and working with you directly to talk about a timeline for next year. The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Take survey now.

If you have questions relating to this survey, please reach out to Dan Fandrey.

Preparations for our transition to TruStage® continue

Using the TruStage name

On May 23, 2023, we will launch as a unified brand — TruStage™ — a financial services brand that will represent all we have to offer, enabling our customers and employees to experience one, cohesive organization.

We have identified a few places where your organization may be using our current CUNA Mutual Group (including CMG, CUNA Mutual, CUNA etc.) branding.

The places to look for any references are, but not limited to:

  • User interfaces — Loan application workflows or account history reviews
  • User guides — for credit union customers
  • Training materials — for your internal teams
  • Release notes
  • Public websites — for example: Trusted Partners page
  • Monthly statements — for borrowers that enroll in our insurance coverages
  • Invoices — for us or for credit union clients you are billing for tech services related to our products

We need your help in identifying these references to our current brand and changing these to represent TruStage. When updating to the name TruStage, we ask that you spell it out as you see throughout this document. Capitalize the T and the S. Also, please add a ™ after the first use of the TruStage name in your documentation.


These changes to TruStage should be made public any time after May 23. This is when we are launching our new brand. Please reach out if you feel the need to make changes public before May 23.

Logo requests

Please reach out to us with any requests you may have for our logo. Our logo can be added to documentation such as release notes or user guides. It can also be used for public webpages. Our Logo is available in the following formats: PNG, JPG, EPS, and SVG.

Product specific name changes

Your organization may work with other product teams here at CUNA Mutual Group. These companies are also changing their names as a part of our TruStage Brand Transition. These changes include:

  • Compliance Systems (CSi) and LOANLINER docs names will change to TruStage Compliance Solutions .
  • name will change to TruStage Loan Application.
  • CuneXus name will change to TruStage Perpetual Offers.


After making the changes to TruStage, please set up time with us for a quick review and approval. Feel free to reach out to any of our team members if you have any questions or to schedule a time for review. Contact Lance Hardyman, Dustin Thoren, or Dan Fandrey.

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