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System provider support

Reach out to our system provider support team for information and assistance in serving the credit union marketplace.
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You can rely on the knowledge bank in our system provider resources for the help you need to serve the credit union marketplace effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive resources provide instant access to industry updates, technical resources, and best practices tips.

Still have questions? We're happy to help. Search the areas below to find the right person to get in touch with.

To reach an individual by phone, dial 800.356.2644 plus their extension.


General information, relationship management

Chuck Cashman Ext. 665.7161

Dan Fandrey Ext. 665.7237

Lance Hardyman Ext. 665.6830

Dustin Thoren Ext. 665.7783


Fraud prevention, risk management

Ken Otsuka Ext. 665.5168

Chris Gill Ext. 665.8859


Data management team — data file extracts (batch)

TruStage Ext. 684.1160

LDP tracking Ext. 665.1160


Collateral protection data files

Flood zone determination Ext. 665.6053

van Wagenen Real Estate tracked


Payment card claims automation

Christa Loger Ext. 665.8786


DP Solutions

Please use the below request form for issues such as:

  • Credit Union Converting to Your System
  • XML Rate File Request
  • Payment Protection Calc Service Support (PPCS)
  • XML Rate File/Parameter Notice Questions
  • Lending and/or Calculation Questions
  • Calc Engine Inquiry/Support

Contact DP Solutions


Lending Compliance documents

Julie Roper Ext. 665.4391


Loan Application connectivity

Lucas Carney Ext. 665.7292


Protection Advisor® connectivity

Lucas Carney Ext. 665.7292