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Manage your beneficiaries online

Use the links below to access your account or create an account. You can manage your beneficiaries from there.
Learn how to designate and update life insurance beneficiaries.

Understanding beneficiaries

Your beneficiary is the person (or people) you want to receive the money from your policy if you pass away. One way that TruStage helps protect you and your loved ones is by reminding you to keep your beneficiaries up to date. Here are a few frequently asked questions about beneficiaries.
It’s a good idea to check your beneficiaries yearly. You can make a change online at any time.

Why is keeping my beneficiaries updated so important?

Often, people’s lives change. Births, adoptions, marriages, divorces and deaths are some of the reasons you may want or need to change the person (or people) who would receive your life insurance money if you passed away. It’s a good idea to check your beneficiaries yearly. You can make a change online at any time.

Who can I make a beneficiary?

Pretty much anybody except yourself. You can name family members or friends, a church, charity or other organization. Or a trust or estate if you have one. You can pick one person to receive the money from your policy or pick more than one and divide up the total amount by percentages. (For example, 50% to your spouse and 25% percent to each of your two sisters.) Children who are minors can be beneficiaries, but you will need to make a special arrangement.
People and some entities like churches and charities can be beneficiaries. Learn more.
The complete legal name of the person or organization, the relationship to you, and percentage of the total payout are needed.

What information do I need to make a change?

It’s important to enter the complete legal name of the person or organization you add as a beneficiary (and not “my wife” or “my church”) and their address to make sure the beneficiary can be positively identified and to help locate them if necessary.

See Beneficiary FAQs

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