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What is whole life insurance?

Whole Life Insurance - what is it, how does it work and is it right for me? In this video, you'll get the answers to these questions as you learn how whole life could provide coverage for your loved ones, helping with funeral expenses, medical bills and other costs at the end of life.
December 29, 2023
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Playing soccer with family while protected with whole life insurance
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What is whole life insurance?

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It's a very important way that you could help protect

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your family's financial future.

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Whole life insurance is designed to financially help

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your loved ones if something happens to you.

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It's coverage designed for your whole life.

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Think about this.

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You know your family depends on you for so many things.

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And you try to provide for them, take care of them,

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and to help protect them.

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But what if something happens to you?

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What happens to bills and expenses and plans for their future?

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This is where whole life insurance could help make a big difference.

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By providing financial help through difficult times.

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Whole life insurance is designed to provide coverage

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for your entire life

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with premium costs that don't increase as you age

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even if you get sick.

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And your coverage amount won't go down as you get older,

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as long as you pay your monthly bill,

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your policy can build cash value over the years.

00:58:13 - 01:01:08
So if you need a cash payout or loan from the plan,

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it could be there for you during your lifetime.

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Whole life policies may also have some great tax benefits.

01:08:09 - 01:11:17
Isn't it always a good time to plan for your family's future?

01:11:19 - 01:14:12
And have financial coverage to help cover things

01:14:12 - 01:18:00
like funeral expenses and medical bills at the end of life.

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That's whole life insurance. Explore more at

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