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What is term life insurance?

In this video, learn how term life insurance helps protect you and your family financially. Term life provides coverage for a fixed amount of time. This temporary coverage is designed to help your loved ones pay for things like funeral costs, medical bills and other expenses.
December 27, 2023
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Feeling protected with term life insurance at breakfast
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What is term life insurance?

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It could be an important way to help protect your family's financial situation.

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See, term life insurance is temporary coverage designed to help your loved ones

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pay for funeral costs, medical bills and other expenses if something happens to you.

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Let's say you just bought a home.

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Who's going to pay the mortgage if something happens to you?

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This is when term life insurance could be a good thing to have.

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Because term life insurance could help your loved ones cover bills and expenses

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during difficult times like helping make payments on your family home.

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Term life insurance is coverage for a fixed amount of time.

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Let's say 10, 20, or 30 years, whatever term you choose.

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And it is designed to work with your budget

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and still provide your family coverage when they really need it.

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And, there is no medical exam

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and coverage starts as soon as

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your monthly premiums are paid.

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So plan for their future with term life insurance.

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