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Meet TruStage™

Since 1935, we’ve helped financial services companies plan for the future. Now, as TruStage, we're bringing together nearly a century of strength and expertise to insurance, investment and technology solutions. It's all here, under our new name. And it's all designed to help you, your customers, members, and clients plan for tomorrow.
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How we build ‘Confidence at every stage’

CEO Bob Trunzo talks about the new TruStage and shares how we’re uniting a century of expertise with new offerings to help build a brighter financial future for all.

It’s official! CUNA Mutual Group is now TruStage!

TruStage, it’s a combination of trust and stage. A name that reflects the trusted relationship we’ve had with you and our commitment to help people at every stage of life confidently make decisions that work for them.

This is a historic milestone for us. Since 1935, we’ve helped you plan for what’s ahead. As TruStage we’re building on that legacy.

By combining all of our brands into one, we’re bringing together the strength and expertise of our insurance, investment, and technology solutions to better meet the changing needs of everyone we serve.

People helping people — every step of the way — that’s what we do.

We’re proud to be the partner you can count on and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Welcome to TruStage.

What we do

Helping our partners solve more customers’ needs, more effectively

From credit unions to financial advisors, small businesses to consumers, TruStage is dedicated to helping more people make confident decisions at every stage of their financial journey. We are one integrated partner offering the breadth and depth to grow your business.

TruStage offers a wide range of options to fit your unique needs




We offer a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products — making it easier for people to choose the right protection to fit their unique needs.

Consumer Insurance Solutions

Lending Protection Solutions

Business Protection Solutions

Final Arrangements

A portfolio of investment solutions designed to protect and grow assets




A portfolio of investment solutions designed to protect and grow assets.


Investment Advisory

Workplace Solutions

Technology solutions that give more people access to modern simplified experiences




Technology solutions that give more people access to modern, simplified experiences.

Compliance Solutions

E-commerce Enablement

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How we do it

Access that works for all

We believe everyone should have access to financial solutions that work for them.