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TruStage™ makes GAP coverage available through the Digital Storefront Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

Digital Storefront is quickly adding TruStage insurance and protection products
April 2, 2024
A woman and man viewing the Software as a Service solution on the TruStage Digital Storefront

MADISON, Wis. — Financial institutions that use the cloud version of Digital Storefront from TruStage can now offer consumers a new product — GAP. TruStage GAP coverage is designed to help eliminate the difference between how much a vehicle is worth and how much a consumer owes in the event the vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered. GAP helps credit unions or other financial institutions manage risk by reducing charge-offs, delinquencies and collection fees.

Digital Storefront helps credit unions efficiently market their loan and deposit products in addition to offering TruStage insurance and protection products. Credit unions will be able to offer GAP to their members and show how much the coverage could cost. This functionality will help drive deeper member engagement and satisfaction while growing credit union deposits, interest income and non-interest income.

“As consumers' preferences for borrowing and interacting with their financial institutions continues to shift toward digital channels, it's important that TruStage's commitment to intuitive and accessible protection solutions makes the shift toward digital as well,” said TruStage Vice President of Technology, Brian Bodell. “Showing members how affordable coverage could be and integrating GAP into the Digital Storefront is another milestone in our progress toward that goal.”

TruStage continues to add capabilities to its Digital Storefront marketing platform (SaaS), including additional deposit products and insurance products, which are complemented by data-driven pre-approval offers to members. The Digital Storefront team is also working on a digital platform to support onboarding non-members.

View more information about Digital Storefront here.

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