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  • We start with your budget and see what coverage makes sense. We'll begin with a monthly payment you can afford, because any amount of coverage can make a difference.
  • We help you understand the difference between term and whole life. We'll talk about the options that fit your budget, so you can make a good choice today that could provide for your family's needs.
30-day Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within the first 30 days and get a full refund - no questions asked.
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*Coverage is available for other ages by phone.

Term life insurance

If you need a high coverage amount with payments that fit your budget today - and want flexibility for the future - try term life.

  • Pays within the period you choose
  • Can be converted into whole life at a later time
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Guaranteed acceptance whole life

All the benefits of whole life (limited in the first two years), and you can’t be turned down because of your health—or any reason.

  • Buy online (instant coverage up to $25,000)
  • No health questions or medical exam
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Whole life insurance

If you value security and predictability above all else, whole life helps give you lifelong peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.

  • Buy online (coverage up to $25,000)
  • Lifelong protection and no rate increases
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Children's whole life insurance

If you're looking to instill a foundation of financial responsibility for your child, get coverage with a policy that's guaranteed for life.

  • Rates are locked in and guaranteed for life
  • Your child can keep coverage as an adult
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Compare whole and term life rates

Explore a range of options to see what makes sense for your family and your budget.

  • Start with what you want to pay
  • Use a simple two-step calculator to see the options
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  • FAQs

    Why should I consider buying life insurance?
    • Life insurance means you're preparing your loved ones for the unexpected-a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.
    • It's designed to help safeguard growing financial commitments like day-to-day expenses, a mortgage, debt payments, and even aspirational promises like college costs for your kids.
    • It can help your family cover financial expenses.
    • It can provide a way to leave money to charity.
    • Whole life policies build some cash value you can borrow against in the future. Any outstanding loan balance is subtracted from the payment your beneficiary receives.
    What are the main differences between term and whole life insurance?
    Term life insurance
    • can provide affordable, high-coverage protection for a specific period of time (or term).
    • pays a benefit if you die during the term.
    • could have benefits and premiums that change over time, depending on the specific policy.

    Whole life insurance

    • offers coverage you can never outlive.
    • has rates that remain the same throughout your lifetime.
    • can provide a future source of money prior to your death, building cash value over time.
    • allows for loans (which incur interest) against the value, with unpaid amounts decreasing the death benefit.

    Guaranteed acceptance whole life

    • offers all the benefits of whole life (limited in the first two years)
    • guarantees your acceptance, with no health questions or medical exam, regardless of your health.
    • provides instant coverage with your first payment.

    Compare whole and term life rates

    • Start with what you want to pay.
    • Use a simple two-step tool to see the options.

    Run the Numbers

    How much life insurance do I need?

    As a starting point, you may consider spending 1% of your annual pre-tax pay on life insurance. This rule of thumb can not only help make coverage an affordable reality, it can also mean the difference between some breathing room for your family and an immediate financial hardship.

    Of course, everyone's needs are different so you may need more or less insurance for your situation. A TruStage Representative can help you determine an amount that makes sense for you.

    Is a medical exam required?

    To help ensure we can offer you our best possible rates, more medical information is required as your coverage amount increases. For lower amounts, it could be as easy as a few simple questions.

    Regardless, in most cases, no physical exams or medical tests are required. In rare cases, a paramedical exam is required to verify information received during underwriting.

    Have more questions?
    Request a call from a licensed agent to answer all your questions.
  • Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

    Any amount of coverage can make all the difference.

    Life insurance means you're preparing your loved ones for the unexpected-a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. If you die, it provides income-tax-free money your family could use for any purpose, like daily expenses, a mortgage and even promises like college costs for your kids.

    As you get older, it may become more difficult to get life insurance. It's a good idea to understand your options, so you can make a good decision today that could provide for your family's needs and give you peace of mind.

    For help deciding how much coverage you need, a rate quote, or just have some general "what-if" questions, speak with a friendly and knowledgeable insurance expert. Call us at 1-888-888-0376.