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TruStage™: Your partner in selling life insurance

TruStage offers a modern solution to streamline the process of selling life insurance digitally, transforming what has traditionally been slow and complex into a fast and straightforward experience. Gain access to instant quotes, immediate underwriting with no case management.
May 13, 2024
Four professionals in an office discuss TruStage life insurance distribution.

TruStage Life Insurance helps empower companies to meet the demands of today's consumers instantly. Watch the video below to learn more about TruStage.

Learn how the TruStage Life Insurance approach could benefit your business.

What if your company could sell life insurance in just minutes? What if you could provide instant quotes, and you had access to instant underwriting?

With the help of TruStage™, all of these could be true.

Selling life insurance has traditionally been a slow and complicated process. But when your company partners with TruStage, it could be fast and simple.

With only a few questions and a medical data review, TruStage provides your customers with immediate quotes, instant underwriting and no case management.

Think of TruStage as your company’s partner in selling life insurance. Helping to expand your resources to sell new products to middle-market consumers.

With three integration options, you pick how much you want TruStage to handle. From simple smart links. To a complete customer experience. Or somewhere in-between.

In every case, our API integration is designed to merge seamlessly with your existing customer experience. TruStage handles everything behind the scenes — all the way through to final documents, e-signature and voice confirmation.

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that consumers have changed. Purchases need to be quick. Younger consumers expect to buy with just a couple of clicks. That’s why TruStage has worked to help eliminate obstacles in the buyer’s journey.

With embedded insurance, TruStage can help your company cross-sell life insurance, when consumers are already in the process of making important life decisions… like buying a home or a new car. Presenting immediate quotes helps make the process easy — speeding the time and helping to eliminate barriers.

When it comes to embedded insurance, the options are endless. And with TruStage API integration — the process is designed to be seamless.

Not familiar with TruStage?
We’re the 2nd highest direct writer of life insurance policies in the United States¹.
We help protect over 37 million consumers and their loved ones².
And the companies behind TruStage have been doing it for more than 85 years.

Buying life insurance can mean endless questions and long approval times. But when you partner with TruStage, your customers can do it easily in minutes.

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