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Compliance Solutions newsletter archive

Below is an archive of past issues of the Compliance Solutions newsletter containing important information about compliance updates, regulatory changes, document enhancements, and more.

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2024 issues

March 2024

  • FinCEN final Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) access rule
  • CFPB’s proposed rule related to overdraft loans and associated fees
  • CFPB’s latest target on fees: prohibition on non-sufficient funds fees for instantaneously declined transactions
  • Question of the quarter
  • CARS Rule — where is it driving to right now?
  • Question of the quarter

2023 issues

December 2023

  • The continuing battle against illegal junk fees
  • SBA’s new Standard Operating Procedure
  • Risk-based pricing, credit score exception, and Credit Score Not Available Notices
  • Question of the quarter
  • TruStage™ Compliance Solutions offers real-time payments support for financial institutions
  • Question of the quarter

September 2023

  • UCC Form amendments
  • CFPB Releases Summer 2023 edition of Supervisory Highlights
  • Words matter: a ruling by the Supreme Court of Indiana
  • CFPB Issues report concerning consumer use of Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Question of the quarter
  • Early disclosure historical table
  • Question of the quarter
  • Treasury management services
  • FCU member expulsion options expanded
  • Question of the quarter

June 2023

  • Hello, we’re TruStage Compliance Solutions
  • CFPB technical corrections Final Rule
  • CFPB issues guidance on UDAAP’s ‘abusive’ definition
  • Fourth Circuit holds ‘hybrid’ loan financing a vehicle and GAP is exempt from MLA
  • Question of the quarter
  • Update to Georgia Security Deed Requirements
  • Question of the quarter
  • CFPB issues Section 1071 Final Rule
  • SBA issues Final Rules and new standard operating procedures
  • Recent bank failures could lead to changes to deposit insurance coverage