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Discovery2022 on-demand

Inspire your strategic planning

Discovery2022 offered bingeworthy sessions covering sought-after topics to help inspire your strategic planning. Enjoy these recordings of outstanding speakers and walk away with some great ideas to better serve your members.

Panel discussions

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Margo Byrne | CoTrina Matthews | Michael Maxwell | Susan Mitchell | Stacey Walker

Next generation board members

There’s plenty of evidence that shows companies are more effective and innovative when they reflect and represent the diverse perspectives and needs of their customers. How will your credit union attract the next generation of board members to reflect your next generation of members?

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Ruby Alvarez | Gregg Brown | Teri Robinson | Gary Vien

Financial well-being for all in action

The financial health of millions of Americans is fragile and uncertain. Now is the time to act boldly, to come together as a cooperative movement and accelerate work that can improve the financial well-being of our employees, members, and communities. This is THE thing credit unions do.

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Breakout sessions

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Steven Rick

U.S. economic outlook & its impact on credit unions for 2022 and beyond

In an environment of high inflation, rising rates, uncertain lending, and tight net interest margins, where do credit unions go from here? Delve into an economic update focusing on all that is important for credit unions to know in 2022 and 2023, as they chart their course for growth and success.

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Paul Dionne

Overdraft protection programs: new challenges & opportunities

With shifting consumer behaviors, fintech firms gaining market share, and a disparity of impact on lower income members and people of color, overdraft protection (ODP) programs are undergoing dramatic transformations. Many credit unions are eliminating or restructuring their ODP programs, fees, and their noninterest income mix. How can credit unions reimagine overdraft protection? Where can they look for noninterest income to replace overdraft fees?

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Derek Laczniak | Carlos Molina

Ransomware is big business

The ransomware business is booming and in addition to extortion demand increases, ransomware has grown in both frequency and severity. A ransomware incident is one of the most disruptive and costly attacks your credit union can suffer. As a result, the cyber insurance marketplace is changing at a rapid pace. Ransomware attacks can be avoided with the right IT security and risk management procedures.

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Graham Zimmerman

Trending upward: Gen Z and Millennial financial attitudes & needs

The two youngest generations in the market, Gen Z and Millennials, are in different life stages, both personally and financially. Driven by their core values and the times they grew up in, these generations approach their finances in different ways. Learn the leading-edge trends that are most relevant to these two generations and to credit unions.

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Greg Glawson | Kelsey Jass | Joe Keller | Cynthia Schroeder

Cryptocurrency & blockchain for credit unions

Many credit unions are working to understand what blockchain is and the implication it may have on credit unions. Hear from credit union leaders on how they’ve approached blockchain and cryptocurrency so far, and where they see things going in the coming months and years.

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Elizabeth McCluskey | Angela Russell | Scott Sadler | Opal Tomashevska

Credit union diversity, equity, and inclusion: from ideology to action

Industry leaders share insights on best practices for DEI strategy and tips for changing mindsets; new research on how multicultural populations build financial security and the growth opportunities the research reveals; how the movement is positioned to advance early-stage fintechs led by BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women; and cautionary tales and results-based wisdom to help credit unions move forward on their DEI journeys.

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Theran Colwell

The digital lending dilemma

Most U.S. consumers prefer to bank digitally in the wake of the pandemic. As a result, the past several years have seen growing adoption of digital lending capabilities by credit unions to grow loans directly. Many credit unions have also partnered with fintech lenders to grow their indirect loans. Learn the trends credit unions are facing as they seek to grow their loan portfolios.

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Andrea Cooper | Stephanie Teubner | Mike Wilson

Creating a strong culture in a remote work environment

The shift to working remotely happened so quickly it may have taken a toll on your credit union’s communications, processes, and culture. Your members may have also felt the impact of that disruption. Learn from credit union leaders whose company cultures evolved and thrived in the new remote working environment.

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