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Executive Benefits speaker resources

CEO benefits in a changing landscape

This session focuses on the changing components of executive benefits being offered to CEOs today. This includes an overview of the top three emerging CEO retention challenges faced by credit unions, including increased risk of CEO turnover, economic uncertainty and promoting work/life balance. Based on your CEO benefits package, how can your organization continue to compete with potential poachers and keep your top executive motivated as they progress in their career.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.


The great resignation: minimize impacts to your workforce and business

Many companies are facing a mass exodus of employees, both new and old. While companies are sorting through the why, we are beginning to see the true financial impacts. How many of you are changing branch hours because you can’t meet your staffing needs? How many of us are worried about losing middle managers because of increasing demands on workloads? All of these things trickle down to how well you are able to serve your members and meet their needs. This session will address the Great Resignation and how credit unions can protect their leaders and rising talent.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.


Strategic giving: a natural advantage for credit unions

Develop a strategic and sustainable approach to supporting the communities you serve, including fundraising, employee participation and publicity. Learn how Charitable Donation Accounts (CDAs) can support your giving programs while expanding the range of NCUA-approved investment options available to your credit union.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.


Leadership continuity: the split-dollar solution

Tailor your supplemental benefits to the specific needs of your executives based on amount, length of service, retirement, or other milestones. Understand how programs can be structured to maximize benefits to executives and your credit union and help your credit union avoid excise taxes.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.


The ABCs of a customizable and sustainable executive benefits program

Understand the evolution of executive benefits program components. There’s split-dollar life insurance, 457(f) and more. It’s not that simple but doesn’t have to be hard to figure out the best mix for your executives and credit union. Learn important steps in assessing what mix of program structures and investments will best meet your changing objectives.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.


How internal talent mobility creates long-term leadership excellence

Research shows that a culture of “internal mobility” can help employers develop and retain better leaders who drive growth. This session will help your credit union break out of a top-down pyramid-shaped succession plan, and create a program that engages, retains, and develops your best talent.

Session length: 60 minutes including interactive Q&A.