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Registered index-linked annuities

TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity

Guarantee lifetime income while growing your investment. TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity from MEMBERS Life Insurance Company is an insurance contract that lets you set a limit on market losses and receive interest based on the performance of your choice of market indexes.

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The value of a TruStage™ Zone Income Annuity

  • Allocate your purchase payment into index options or a declared rate account.
  • Adjust your allocation options to reset your comfort zone each year.
  • Help protect your loved ones with a return of premium (ROP) death benefit.
  • Combine risk-controlled, market-based growth opportunities with protected lifetime income.

A new way to plan for retirement

Traditional investment diversification doesn’t offer protection. Avoiding risk altogether offers no chance for growth, and many growth-oriented investments don’t offer the opportunity for income. Zone Income lets you enjoy growth opportunities with a measure of downside protection. With Zone Income, you’re in control.

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Annuities help you receive protected lifetime income for life while helping to protect and grow your investment. Our annuity contracts have options to defer taxes or provide legacy benefits.