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Stream of income

MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Get what you need to move forward with your future. MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) from CMFG Life Insurance Company is an insurance contract that immediately puts your money to work in the form of steady lifetime income.

MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate Annuity client guide

MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate Annuity fact sheet

The value of a MEMBERS® Single Premium Immediate Annuity

  • Convert your funds into a protected lifetime income stream.
  • Receive payouts immediately.
  • Protect your money from market volatility.
  • Help pass your financial security to your loved ones.

Three components of a lifetime income payout

Here’s a hypothetical example of how the components of a lifetime income may look over time. Regardless of the payment option you choose, your payment will be composed of three parts: principal (a portion of original purchase payment), interest (earnings on that payment) and a longevity credit (the “insurance component”). The size of the insurance component will be based on the length and strength of the guarantee you choose. In insurance terms, the less risk you want — the longer and stronger you want your guarantee — the less you’ll receive each month in payment, and vice versa.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity - components of lifetime income payout

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