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ULEND Academy®

An educational experience that helps credit union staff become better consultants, helping credit unions put members first in the lending process.
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In these lender workshops, your team can expect to help:

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Grow lender skills

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Improve member service

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Engage in interactive training

Participants learn how to help make the shift from transactional to consultative during the loan event by focusing on the member and improving the overall lending experience. The workshop offers interactive hands-on learning and participants are taught practical skills they can apply immediately.

Member expectations are evolving rapidly and it’s vital for credit unions to keep up, by meeting and exceeding expectations. ULEND Academy’s curriculum helps credit unions deliver exceptional member experiences.

ULEND curriculum

Workshops are provided at no cost for all lending customers and are available both live and virtually. Workshops focus on the following areas and are designed to help lenders improve specific skills in these areas.

Social savvy

  • Recognize personal style and how it is perceived by others.
  • Identify other styles and comfortably interact with members.
  • Deliver targeted communications for the appropriate medium.

Plan & prep

  • Utilize the information from your core system.
  • Identify what to look for to analyze the needs of your member.
  • Prepare when there is no time to plan.


  • Uncover member needs with targeted questioning strategies.
  • Identify the life stages & goals of your members.
  • Review the credit report and positively influence the member’s score.

Structure the loan

  • Calculate & effectively use basic ratios that apply in lending.
  • Identify the 5 C's of credit that translate to risk.
  • Use compensating factors to build a loan that will be approved for all members.


  • Recognize opportunities to take smart risks.
  • Utilize the 5 C's of credit when analyzing the loan application.
  • Formulate alternatives that positively impact loan decisions.

Present the right solution

  • Connect products and services to members' needs and life stages.
  • Build creative options/personalized packages for every member.
  • Find ways to say yes to the member.

Close with purpose

  • Personalize the experience to the unique needs of the member.
  • Make appropriate referrals and follow-up as needed.
  • Set expectations to connect with the member on future opportunities.

Hands-on application

  • Apply the skills immediately during hands-on learning.
  • Receive immediate feedback from real-time coaching.
  • Discuss how each step of the member experience applies across the various lending channels.

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