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The new standard in loan payment protection

TruStage™ Payment Guard Insurance is the industry-first insurance solution for lenders that helps protect borrowers’ payments when they encounter financial hardship due to covered job loss or disability.

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Protection for your borrowers,
resilience for your portfolio

With Payment Guard, you’re helping deliver peace of mind to your borrowers by covering their obligation in the event of unexpected covered job loss or disability. And by wrapping every loan with Payment Guard, you may lower default rates and increase net interest income.


Icon graph trending downwards  Lower defaults
Since their launch with Payment Guard, one personal loan lender saved 23% of loans which had evidence of possible loan default.¹

Icon graph trending downwards  Embedded loan protection
A powerful feature of every loan you originate, Payment Guard covers all borrowers as soon as their loan funds.

Icon graph trending upwards  Increase conversion
One pay-over-time Payment Guard customer saw a 194% improvement in conversion over one month through promoting Payment Guard to prospective borrowers, which helped to optimize overall marketing spend.²

Icon graph trending upwards  Improved performance
Designed to reduce defaults, lenders with Payment Guard realized a 29% reduction in defaults, helping improve net interest income by retaining interest from otherwise defaulting loans.³

Icon graph trending upwards  Customer loyalty
With Payment Guard, you’re giving your customers the gift of reassurance, helping to deliver delight, and build loyalty.

Icon checkmark  Market differentiation
Presented as a feature of your loans, Payment Guard gives you a distinct advantage in the crowded and commoditized consumer loan market.

Used by today's leading digital lenders

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How Payment Guard works

Payment Guard Insurance is a group insurance policy. Every borrower, subscriber or customer is protected once their loan is funded, or obligation is undertaken. The lender pays a premium for each borrower’s protection and is billed monthly by TruStage. There is no technical integration, only a regularly scheduled data-file upload is required. Most lenders can be up and running in less than a couple of weeks.

For lenders


Select benefit payout

Choose to receive the benefit as a lump sum, or as a function of the number of borrower payments you wish to cover.


Schedule data file

Send a regular data file for scheduled coverage activation and claims service.


Promote advantage

Highlight Payment Guard as a unique benefit of your loans to help improve your borrower conversion rates.

For borrowers


Enroll automatically

Insurance activates with no action or opt-in needed upon loan initiation.


Submit claims

Easily file for job loss or disability benefits online or by phone.


Insure payments

Borrowers can avoid payment delinquencies arising from covered risks.

Low premium,
high benefit

  • Premium is priced relative to the risks covered and the benefit payout amount. It is charged monthly based on the real-time size of your portfolio.
  • Payment Guard has been shown to reduce both acquisition cost and default rate, helping to off set the premium cost with net savings.

Ideal for all types of consumer loans

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Manage your existing coverage

Payment Guard business partners can view claims status or file a claim on behalf of your customers.

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Consumers with loans protected by Payment Guard can view claims status or file a claim via our claims system.

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