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CuneXus is now TruStage™ Digital Storefront.
Hand holding a cell phone with the screen showing a preapproved screen
Financial services storefront

Elevate your digital banking experience

Through our adaptable Digital Storefront, financial institutions can determine which tailored offers they want to present to consumers like Certificate of Deposits (CDs), pre-approved loans, GAP provisional quoting, insurance, and credit cards.

Improving digital transactions

Together we grow

Outpace the competition with digital deposits

Enable your consumers to open CDs in under two minutes. In just 24 days, one client generated 517 new certificates and over $3.04 million in deposits.

Grow loan volume

The Digital Storefront serves as an embedded e-commerce platform that connects consumers to proactive pre-approved offers and applications in just a few clicks.

Capture revenue beyond lending

Financial institutions can implement customizable 'wildcards' to deliver any of your products and services and boost your bottom line no matter the market conditions.

Deliver greater transparency

Our fully integrated e-commerce platform streamlines the buying, account opening, and borrowing process, giving financial institutions more insight into their account holders' needs.

Personalize the consumer experience

Present highly qualified consumers with customized offers that can be quickly redeemed at any time and from any place.

Solutions with your business in mind

$60 million

in loans funded daily.

$500 billion

client combined assets.

28 million

U.S. customers represented.

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Financial institution technology

Building your business for the future

Simplifying the loan, account opening and buying process gives you more time to focus on fostering new relationships and long-term growth.

Keep your financial institution top-of-mind with TruStage's Digital Storefront.

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