Up to $50,000 of whole life insurance for your child or grandchild,* with a policy that’s guaranteed for life.

  • Payments for children’s whole life insurance start around $5.* And rates are locked in and guaranteed for life.
  • Your child can keep the whole life insurance as an adult. Or even increase the coverage amount with no health exam or medical questions.

Here's how affordable Children's Whole Life Insurance could be:

  Girls' Insurance Rates Boys' Insurance Rates
Coverage Birth to 1 Age 5 Age 10 Birth to 1 Age 5 Age 10
$5,000 $5.22/mo. $5.41/mo. $5.70/mo. $5.45/mo. $5.67/mo. $6.04/mo.
$10,000 $6.12/mo. $6.50/mo. $7.07/mo. $6.58/mo. $7.02/mo. $7.76/mo.
$15,000 $7.01/mo. $7.58/mo. $8.44/mo. $7.71/mo. $8.37/mo. $9.48/mo.
$25,000 $8.80/mo. $9.75/mo. $11.18/mo. $9.97/mo. $11.07/mo. $12.91/mo.
$35,000 $10.59/mo. $11.92/mo. $13.92/mo. $12.23/mo. $13.77/mo. $16.34/mo.
$50,000 $13.28/mo. $15.18/mo. $18.04/mo. $15.61/mo. $17.82/mo. $21.50/mo.
  Boys' Insurance Rates
Coverage Birth to 1 Age 5 Age 10
$5,000 $5.45/mo. $5.67/mo. $6.04/mo.
$10,000 $6.58/mo. $7.02/mo. $7.76/mo.
$15,000 $7.71/mo. $8.37/mo. $9.48/mo.
$25,000 $9.97/mo. $11.07/mo. $12.91/mo.
$35,000 $12.23/mo. $13.77/mo. $16.34/mo.
$50,000 $15.61/mo. $17.82/mo. $21.50/mo.

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Attention grandparents!

In most states, you can give the gift of whole life coverage to your grandchildren.

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  • FAQs

    Can my child's policy ever be cancelled?

    Once the policy is in effect and as long as premiums are paid, your child’s policy cannot be cancelled by the company.

    Can my child increase the value of the policy?

    If you elect to add the Guaranteed Insurability Rider to your child’s policy, s/he will have the option to purchase additional coverage at ages 25, 28, 31, 34, 37 and 40 or upon a major life event such as marriage. This additional coverage does not require any additional medical questions or exam. The maximum number of coverage increases is 6.

    Can I have more than one child on a policy?

    You can apply for whole life insurance for multiple children with a single phone call. Each child will be issued an individual policy, but you can continue to service them with just one phone call to TruStage.

    Can I buy coverage for my grandchild?

    In most states, grandparents are able to purchase whole life insurance for their grandchildren. State laws prevent grandparents from policy ownership for grandchildren who live in CO, MA, MN, NC, NY, PA and WA.

    What is cash value?

    Over time your child’s policy will accumulate cash value. This is the amount of money that would be available to you should you need to take a policy loan or choose to surrender the policy.

    Have more questions?
    Request a call from a licensed agent to answer all your questions.
  • Reasons to Consider Children's Whole Life

    • Payments will never be lower.
    • Rates are locked in for life—the rate you’re quoted will never increase once the policy is purchased.
    • Your child can increase coverage as an adult. At certain ages and key life events, coverage can be added with no medical exam. This benefit is available at additional costs and allows the coverage to grow with your child through adulthood.
    • The policy builds a small cash value.
    • You help instill a foundation of financial responsibility.