Saving on health insurance can be easy.


Certain life events give you 60 days to obtain coverage. We can help, so don’t wait.

Although the yearly federal open enrollment period for health insurance has ended, major life changes may qualify you to buy health insurance now:

  • Family changes like getting married or the birth (or adoption) of a baby
  • Loss of health coverage from your employer

Qualifying events such as these generally mean you have 60 days to enroll in a health plan. As a credit union member, the TruStage Health Insurance Program gives you access to GoHealth. Licensed insurance experts are ready to confirm if your event qualifies, check your eligibility for financial assistance, and help you find, compare and buy coverage.

When life changes, simplify your search for affordable health insurance. Call 1-888-123-4567 today.

  • What is TruStage?

    TruStage is insurance the credit union way. For more than 80 years, affiliates of TruStage have been providing insurance and financial services. Our team of experts and well-known companies share in the desire to help you prepare for—and enjoy—life’s important moments, no matter how big or small.

    Over the years, we’ve earned the confidence of thousands of credit unions and more than 18 million members. Today, we continue to stand with credit union members to help them do more with what they have and protect what matters most.

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  • FAQs

    What is a qualifying event?

    Even though health insurance plans offer yearly periods of open enrollment, specific life events may allow you to obtain or change coverage at any time.

    Whether it’s a change in household size (including marriage, divorce, a new baby, adopting a child), losing coverage through your employer, moving out of your current coverage area or even gaining citizenship, qualifying events mean you have 60 days to buy health insurance coverage.

    With the TruStage Health Insurance Program, you can use GoHealth to find the coverage you need and complete your enrollment within the 60-day window. Call 1-888-123-4567 to get details.

    What is a special enrollment period?

    Health insurance is typically only available during the open enrollment window established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). When you experience a qualifying life event, the special enrollment period is a short window of time for you to sign up for health insurance. From the date of the event, you generally have 60 days in which you can buy health coverage that fits your changing needs. If you miss the deadline, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period to get insurance coverage. Don’t wait. Call 1-888-123-4567 to get details.   

    What types of plans are available during special enrollment periods?

    When you experience a qualifying life event, you can choose from the same major medical health insurance options that are available from GoHealth during open enrollment. As a credit union member, you have access to experts and tools to help you understand your options, compare health insurance plans and find the best value. With the TruStage Health Insurance Program and GoHealth, you can make confident decisions and find affordable coverage to match your new life.

    Licensed insurance advisors at GoHealth are ready to determine if your event qualifies, simplify the process, offer advice, provide quotes and help you get the right plan for your family. They can even help you determine whether you qualify for various levels of financial assistance and assist with the final calculations.

    When does coverage start?

    When you buy coverage during a special enrollment period, the effective date of coverage depends on when you enroll. If you sign up by the 15th day of a month, coverage generally begins on the first day of the next month. If you sign up after the 15th, coverage begins on the first day of the following month.  GoHealth experts are ready to assist you with answering all your questions.

    What if I don't sign up during special enrollment?

    Don’t miss your chance to get the coverage you need. Once the 60 day window for your qualifying event ends, you will have to wait until the next yearly enrollment period to buy a plan (unless you have another qualifying event). Call 1-888-123-4567 today to get started today. You can also sign up for our reminder emails, and we’ll help you stay on track with making your choices on time.

  • GoHealth: Here to help, experts at your fingertips

    Decisions about your health insurance are some of the most important ones you can make. Who will provide your care? How much will it cost? What will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean to you and your family? What are the options? What’s the best choice?

    For the answers, we’re proud to work with GoHealth—the nation’s most complete online marketplace for finding health insurance coverage. More than 30 million consumers have used GoHealth to compare health insurance quotes and purchase individual coverage.

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