What are the benefits of AD&D insurance?

If a serious accident occurs, AD&D could help your family in a time of need. It can be an affordable supplement to life insurance and offers these built-in benefits:

  • No medical questions and acceptance is guaranteed. If you're a member of a participating credit union over the age of 18, you can’t be turned down.
  • An inflation-protection benefit. The AD&D policy you buy has a built-in “cost of living” benefit. Your coverage increases over time at no added cost to you.
  • Fast and easy online application. In minutes, you can apply for no-cost coverage or add more coverage—right online. Our FastApply AD&D process is quick and easy. Usually it takes three minutes or less.

Please note: Once you or your insured spouse reach age 70, the no-cost and additional coverage amount for that person is reduced by 50%.