Why is AD&D important?

If a serious accident occurs, AD&D could help your family in its time of need. It can be an affordable supplement to any life insurance you may have and features unique built-in benefits:

  • Acceptance is guaranteed. No one will ask you health questions or expect you to submit to a medical exam. If you're a credit union member over the age of 18, you can't be turned down.
  • Your coverage cannot be cancelled as long as your premiums are paid, the policy is not terminated, and you remain a member of a participating credit union.
  • There's a realistic inflation protection benefit. Every two years, on the anniversary of your coverage, additional coverage will be increased 5% at no added cost to you. Over the years, you can get up to a 25% increase maximum.

Are you ready for anything that may come your way? Enroll in AD&D Insurance now.

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Product and features may not be available in all states